One week to go! Let's celebrate Christmas with some our favourite web design & development resources.

As excited as we've been about Christmas (& Star Wars last night!) we've still managed to find our favourite design & development resources on the web this week.

You won't be getting one of these next Friday (duh!), so make the most of it. Plus, we've got some really cool things this week:


The Massive, End of Year Freebie Bundle

Design Cuts Design Resource

Photo: Design Cuts

Design Cuts has been a really good resource for me as a designer over the past year. They often offer exclusive bundles are a super reasonable price. Even if you don’t use everything in the bundle, there’s often a few things in there that can really make it worthwhile.

For the end of the year they’ve released a huge bundle of design resources totally free. The offer is only of for the next 17 days from the date of this article, so move quick!


Material Design Logo Generator

Material Design Logo Generator Resource

Photo: MD Bootstrap

While I wouldn’t slot this resource into the Material Design category entirely, it is a useful tool to create some quick shadowed icons. You can change the background colour, icon (courtesy of FontAwesome) and the sizes.


A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars and Google Easter Egg

Photo: Google / Disney

The world has had Star Wars mania this week with the release of The Force Awakens. We saw it as a team last night and it was really good. Like, really, really good. Anyway, Google has hidden a little easter egg for you if you search “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”. Try it for yourself!



Random User Images

Random User Web Design Resource

Photo: Random User

Sourcing imagery for people placeholders was/is always a pain, and usually - i’d resort to either just an empty space, or a random generated image from a placeholder site. 

Introducing; - ‘like Lorem Ipsum, but for people’ placeholders!

Simply add the script to your document, and call in an image! 

    url: '',
    dataType: 'json'
.done(function(data) {
    $('#randomImage').attr('src', data.results[0].user.picture.thumbnail);
<img src="loading.gif" id="randomImage" />


Little Snippets

Little Snippets Web Design Resources

Photo: Little Snippets

If you’re ever looking for some FE inspiration for your latest project, Little Snippets has hundreds of building blocks which you can take and utilise at your leisure. All snippets are hosted on CodePen so you can go in and shuffle some things around, test driving it for yourself!


Lessons Learnt Building A Large App

Smashing Magazine Web App Case Study

Photo: Smashing Magazine

It’s always interesting reading up on the struggles and triumphs of developers and their projects; and the developers of Hawaii airlines had a mountain to climb when they took on the project. 

Everything was built from the ground up; hardware, features, back-end APIs, front end, UX and design, with lessons learnt along the way, but the outcome is one beautiful site which you can see they’re extremely proud of. 




Koel Music Streaming Service

Photo: Koel

Every wanted your own audio streaming service? Well now you can. Koel is a nifty web-based personal audio streaming service with a very modern kick to it. The frontend is written in Vue JS and it’s all powered by Laravel. If you’re keeping up with our Foundation 6 blogs, you’ll know flexbox is a real killer CSS feature for modern websites and Koel demonstrates its power over a conventional grid layout.



Whoops PHP Package

Photo: Whoops

Whoops is probably one of the handiest packages out there. It’s an error handler framework for PHP. It’s packed with a nifty error interface that helps you debug your web projects whilst providing a very simple yet powerful stacked error handling system. You can install Whoops alongside Silex, Laravel, CakePHP, Zend Framework, Yii, FuelPHP, Slim and Pimple.


Slim v3 is Go!

Slim Logo

Photo: Slim

We’re huge fans of Slim here at Magnitude. It’s the core of most of our projects because of its robustness, speed and efficiency. And version 3 definitely does not let you down. Built on PHP 5.5, it implements PSR 7 across its request and response objects which means you can extrapolate any PSR-7 implementation, rather than stick with Slim’s (if you didn’t like theirs!).

Slim v3 utilises a new router to its predecessor, FastRoute, which gives routing in Slim a whole new bulk of power. Slim uses Pimple as its dependency injection container, but again, that can be swapped out for your own container. You can find the full documentation for v3 here.


Merry Christmas from all of us at Made by Magnitude. Don't forget, if you loved this roundup to let us know your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook

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