There's not way to avoid it. It's been a few weeks since we posted our last weekly roundup. But we have good excuses. We've been busy!

We've whipped up a new website for our social media aggregator, Fetch. We've updated our Instagram app, Snug, on the app store. And we got a new puppy. 

That third project has been the most time consuming and the most rewarding… I'll be sharing some images of our new staff member (Oscar) over on our Instagram account!

In the meantime, we've put together some fun little resources for you this week to enjoy as we begin counting down to Christmas! (Just 23 days!)

Adam AvatarAdam

Fucking Life Advice

Fucking Life Advice

Photo: Fucking Life Advice

Sometimes we all need a little productivity boost during the day. Or we just need someone to give us a kick up the arse to improve our everyday wellbeing. Fucking Life Advice provides a direct quip and beautiful imagery for every new tab in Chrome. 

If you don't fancy being sworn at, or it's inappropriate to have a giant "Fuck" across your screen, there's a profanity filter that can be triggered with the flick of a switch.


Ruth AvatarRuth

CSS Reference

CSS Reference Logo


If you’re like me, and have known and used the many css properties without a second thought for how they actually work, or attempt various css tests to get an element to do what you want it to – without knowing for sure which one you need to use – this site is for you. is a visual guide which features the most popular properties, and explains them with illustrated and animated examples. It has explanations for flex and animation properties (2 of my downfalls) which are simple and easy to understand, and the site as a whole is a great bookmark to call on in the depths of despair when you can’t remember whether it’s flex grow, flex shrink or a flex wrap!


Lewis AvatarLewis

Verify Email

PHP Code on Macbook

Photo: Pexels

Pretty much everything project starts with the usual user flow - registration and login. A fundamental to the whole architecture is taking a users email and that's not always as trouble free as it may seem. Verify Email is a PHP library that lets you easily check and verify that an email address is genuine and does exist on the mail server. The class connects with the mail server and sends the routine HELO commands.

$emailAddressToCheck = '';
$ourEmailAddress = '';
$emailVerify = new hbattatVerifyEmail($emailAddressToCheck, $ourEmailAddress, $portNumber = 25);
// This will return a boolean
$successful = $emailVerify->verify();
if (!$successful) {
// Print our debug trace


We hope you found this week's roundup useful! If you have any suggestions for contributions, let us know on Twitter or Facebook!