Welcome to this week's design & development roundup!

SXSW 2017 has just wrapped up in Texas and The Next Web stopped by and shared the weirdest products they touched at the conference! In other news, Uber president Jeff Jones has left the company after just six months on the job. Yikes!

Aside from tech news around the world, we have our own roundup for you to feast your eyes on this week! Enjoy!

Adam AvatarAdam


A Gradient from Gradients.io

Photo: Gradients.io

Designer Luke Davis has put together a small website with 24 handpicked (delicious) gradients, ready for you to use in your designs! The curated gallery features, bright, pastel, monotone and delicate gradients; because who doesn't love a gradient?


Colour Fonts are Coming – WTF?

Colour Fonts Example

Photo: Color Fonts

Splitting designers and developers down the middle is one of the latest developments in the type space, Colour Fonts! Aiming to bring shades, textures and transparency to typography, colour fonts are aiming to bring life to the web with bright, bold and in-your-face text. Let's just hope it doesn't turn into Word Art on the web… you know what I'm talking about!


Ruth AvatarRuth


Animista Logo

Photo: Animista

Regardless of how CSS savvy you are, sometimes it’s so much easier to copy and paste a chunk of code you know works instead of recreating it from scratch. Recently, i’ve found that when you want to copy a piece of code for an animation, the code you get covers all variations, so instead of a couple of lines, you get reams of code which is hard to cut down to just what you exactly need. 

Animista is a place where you can view and test a large collection of pre-made CSS animations, tweak them and get only those you will actually use. The site allows you to see how various options like easing, delay, duration and others affect the animation, and supplies the code in an extremely simple way which isn’t as daunting as what the likes of Codrops outputs. 

Like a shopping site, you can save as many animations as you like, and download the code in bulk. Animista allows you to turn on CSS minification and autoprefixer for simpler development, and the outputted code is formatted in a clean and elegant way as to not cause you indent headaches! 


Juma AvatarJuma


PhpStan Logo

Photo: PhpStan

PhpStan is a static code analyzer that aims to debug lines of code before runtime, similar to how the xcode IDE can notify users of any incorrect language syntax before execution. PhpStan requires PHP 7.0 or greater and can be installed via composer by running the following command:

composer require --dev phpstan/phpstan

PhpStan is currently able to perform the following checks:

  • Check that called methods and functions exist and are accessible
  • Evaluate return types for methods and functions
  • Evaluate existence and accessibility of properties and constants
  • Type and number checking for parameters passed to methods, functions and constructors
  • Object validation when using object cloning functionality 
  • Unused constructor parameters
  • Variable scope checking 
  • Existence of classes and interface when using instanceof , catch exceptions, typehints and other language constructs.
  • Unnecessary type juggling e.g (int) 7

In addition to the above checks, PhpStan also supports "magic" behavioral check by accessing class properties created in the __get() and __set() magic methods.


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