Welcome to this week’s design and development roundup! 

Halloween is just around the corner and we're also revving up for Christmas behind the scenes, speaking of which, you can find a 25% discount on our Stalkr packages throughout the festive season!

Here's what the team and I have collected for your design and development appetites this week.

Adam AvatarAdam


Materialette Gif

Photo: Materialette

Materialette makes reaching for all of those gorgeous material designs colours easy. Compatible with macOS 10.9+, Windows 7+ and Linux, you have no excuse not to be using this right now. Unless you don't like or use material design. That could be a good excuse.


Ruth AvatarRuth

Simple Animated Burger

Simple Animated Burger

Photo: Codepen

I’m a fan of a good burger; both food and navigational. Yet I've never explored further than just putting the 3 lines on a page and knowing that everyone understands and uses this as a means to explore further into the site.

User Junglelin over on codepen has created such a simple, beautiful burger menu which animates both on the hover and the mouse press to add some movement to the device using only markup and CSS.

Although it adds nothing more than just a cute animation to the page on a small scale, it’s simple touches like this that make a website memorable. 


Juma AvatarJuma

Awesome Cheatsheet

Awesome Cheatsheet

Photo: Awesome Cheatsheet

Programming cheatsheets could be compared to a glossary of a novel as they offer quick access to solutions for various programming problems and are a staple of many developers. Awesome cheatsheet is a compilation of different cheatsheets for many different languages covering different aspects of development including front-end, back-end, database, mobile and security development with a plethora of programming languages supported.



User Typing

Photo: Stocksnap

I've been using DesignPatternsPHP over the last few months to familiarise myself with the various software design patterns in PHP and how to implement them correctly. DesignPatternsPHP is a well documented library of all supported design patterns complete with UML diagrams showing the structure and example code of how to implement the said pattern. Here at MBM we tend to use different patterns for different projects sometimes even multiple patterns within the same project as we see fit, so having a library like this is invaluable!


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