Welcome to this week's design & development roundup!

It's been a relatively quiet week this week, hasn't it? Oh! LinkedIn unveiled a new desktop redesign and Mozilla's new brand identity leaked (which they released a few days later). I think that's pretty much it. So, here's what we found for you last week!

Adam AvatarAdam

Web Design Pet Peeves

Reddit Web Design Pet Peeves

Photo: Reddit

The folks over on Reddit have shared their frustrations within the web design world and what really grinds their gears when it comes to clients, processes and managers! I'm sure there's something we can all identify with in this discussion… A great little lunchtime read.


Elite Dangerous Inspired Loader

Elite Dangerous Inspired Loader

Photo: CodePen

I pretty much share a new loader each week. I can't help it, I just really love loaders, especially when they're pure CSS like this one, inspired by Elite Dangerous.


Looped Live Mockups

Looped Live Mockups

Photo: LStore Graphics

We all use mockups when designing to showcase our work. Whether it be to a client, on Dribbble or Behance, we always want to show off what we've done and dress our designs appropriately. 

Working with Photoshop CS6 and CC+, the mockups can be used to create JPG/PNG sequences, videos or gifs.


Ruth AvatarRuth


Rocket Mac App

Photo: Rocket

Slack users, which I know there are a lot of, will be used to typing in :..before a word to quickly access the emoji list to spam your colleagues on chat. By doing this, it kind of becomes the norm to do an emoji search this way, and you will find yourself typing in the colon in the likes of Facebook or iMessage and wonder why you’re not greeted with a suspicious moon.

Matthew Palmer has created a quirky little application that brings the functionality of Slack global on your Mac, allowing quick and easy emoji spamming without having to [CMD] [CTRL] [Space] every time, which becomes tiresome when it fails to load, or you just miss click constantly like I do.


Juma AvatarJuma


Letter Example

Photo: Letter

Letter is a simple lightweight in-browser tool for writing letters. Letter only requires PHP to be installed on the server to run it however, Letter currently only works on the latest Chrome and Opera browsers. Letter can be installed on your PHP enabled server by simply cloning it’s repository. The config folder holds the application’s default settings and styling which can be be customised by replacing them with the default files found in the app folder.

A custom template can be used to override the default template, this is done by adding a template.php file in the config folder. Letters can be saved and printed from within the browser. Letter also allows PDF exportation on macOS via Apple Preview all without losing the style and structure of the letter.

Try a demo of letter here.


Lewis AvatarLewis

localForage – Offline Javascript Storage API

Storage Containers

Photo: Pexels

localForage is a fast and simple storage library for JavaScript. Built with the localStorage API in mind, localForage improves the offline experience of your web app by using asynchronous storage (where supported IndexedDB or WebSQL will be used).

localForage is asynchronous and therefore every call must be resolved with a callback or through a promise block. Unlike the localStorage API, you can store any type of data and there is no restriction to string-only data. localForage automatically does JSON.parse() and JSON.stringify() when getting and setting values.



Botpress Screenshot

Photo: Botpress

Botpress is an open-source ecosystem for developers to create, manage and extend bots. Written in Javascript, it is powered by a rich set of open-source modules allowing anyone to reuse other people's modules to create their own bots.

With Botpress, you can create and fully customise your own bot. Although the platform is in beta, there's currently 16 modules to choose from. An official Facebook Messager connector, scheduling utilities, analytics, broadcast, user subscriptions and more.


We hope you found this week's roundup useful! If you have any suggestions for contributions, let us know on Twitter or Facebook!