Welcome to our first ever Dribbble spotlight! Featuring CreativeDash, a multi-faceted, multi-talented digital studio.

Dribbble is an incredible website, allowing users from all over the world to post and share projects that they are currently working on, plans for the future and past projects. CreativeDash is a favourite user of ours and we feel that it is only fair that they feature as the first account in our Dribbble Spotlight.

Focusing on high-end, exceptionally creative projects they certainly know how to utilise the wow factor. Posting beautifully detailed icons and intuitive UI designs CreativeDash is quickly becoming one of the most talked about businesses in the User Interface world.

Check out some of their recent App Icon designs featuring some marvellously delicious goodies:


Cinnamon Roll


You can find more of CreativeDash's inspiring projects by heading over to their Dribbble page and their website:

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