Sometimes there's no alternative to using a photo taken by someone else for your website, blog or print application. Unless you have a huge bank of your own images or are willing to pay, there's not been a lot that you can do about it.

Stock photos

Thanks to the super useful blog post over at Medium last year, I've been using free stock photos from a number of different places for the past few months. But as of recent, more and more sites have been popping up all over the web. So we've made a new list with some sites you may already know, and a few more you might not. Those listed below feature works that photographers have kindly donated for us (and you) to use in all manor of ways. Leave the smiling women in headsets and pretend management teams behind and get some real-life people doing real-life things.

Granted, some of these photos may not be relevant for what you're looking for, but the sites are growing every day with talented photographers so you're bound to find something suitable.


Get Refe - (Free with paid options for more photos)

StockSnap -

Unsplash -

New Old Stock - (May require attribution for some photos)

Death to the Stock Photo - (Free with paid options available)

SplitShire -

Pixabay -

Life of Pix -

Albumarium - (Attribution needed for some photos)

Gratisography -

IM Free - (Attribution may be required for some images)

Pexels -

Snapwire - (Free on their Tumblr with paid options on their main site)

Start Up Stock Photos -

Foodies Feed -


If you particularly like a site, donate or sign up for a premium account. Running these sites is how a lot of the owners are making a living, so it's a little payback for all of their hard work.

Now there's no excuse to use shitty stock.