As we move further into the age of quick consumption and content in bite-size, mobile-loving chunks – it is essential for any designer to be able to show their portfolio on the go.

Why Every Designer Needs an Online Portfolio

Having an online portfolio is an essential piece of the puzzle for any aspiring designer or freelancer. To have the ability to showcase work to your potential clients or employers in a clean, sleek format that can be accessed anywhere and on any device will put you one step in front of your competitors.

Below are some of the benefits about setting up your own online portfolio.


My favourite thing about online portfolios is that in this world where there is always a shortage of time, online portfolios are accessible anywhere, at any time, on any device (especially if you use responsive design). This means if you bump into a potential client whilst out, you can direct them to the URL of your portfolio and ask them to contact you. A feature of having on online portfolio which I love is that you have the ability to become an international designer. Your portfolio can travel the world, allowing clients to find you no matter where they, or you, are.


An online portfolio is great for organising and showcasing your best work. Splitting your portfolio into categories is ideal for clients or employers who want to see one particular element of your work that suits their needs best. This means they can make a quick judgement on whether to get in touch if you are right for them.

A Piece of You

Think of your online portfolio as an extension of you and your work. You don’t just want to slap work in an unattractive, boring template. Utilising the tools available on the internet, it’s possible for every designer to create a portfolio no matter what budget. Potential clients or employers want to see a part of you when they visit your portfolio so you have to deliver something that represents you well. Perhaps design a logo for yourself so you have instant recognisability or have fun with the end user with some interactive elements. The possibilities are endless; you just have to be motivated to want to create that wow factor for your visitors.

Visual Appeal

Many of us are visual learners. This means that we interpret information better through visual means such as pictures and videos. Playing on this allows potential clients or employers who prefer the visual learning method have a higher chance of taking interest in actually viewing your work as opposed to reading what you have achieved/created on a CV or resume. Of course this won’t work for everybody and an online portfolio is definitely not a substitute for


As designers and creative we need to continually reflect on our work in order for us to pinpoint areas we need to work on to improve. Hosting your portfolio online allows you to view your best work instantly – doing this means you can pick what skill you want to enhance over the coming months. As you update your portfolio with each project you complete you have the ability to compare recent and past projects to see how far you have come meaning you’re able to restructure accordingly to play to your advantages.

If you do have an online portfolio this may be your chance to revisit and rethink how you approach using it and how you market yourself as a creative. If you don’t have a portfolio I suggest that you start researching into creating one – you won’t regret it.

Some sites which you may find useful are listed below. They range from free to monthly payments so make sure you research and decide what is best for you.

Remember, creating a portfolio isn’t enough. Traffic and enquiries won’t happen overnight. You have to ensure that you market yourself and engage with your community and potential clients to get maximum exposure.

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