When you create a website, you want to get as much traffic and conversions as you possibly can. After all, those two things are what prove your website is successful.

Stock Photos Credibility

Unfortunately, there are too many companies out there whose websites are failing, and the biggest reason behind the failure is the website's use of poor stock photography.

Stock images can be found on a variety of websites, but when you opt to use generic stock photography on your website, you risk using the exact same photos as other companies. The use of stock photography hurts your credibility, and here's how.

You're not letting your audience get to know you.

When your audience visits your website, they're trying to find out information about your company, your products and your services. They want to know what makes your business thrive and what separates you from the competition. When you use stock photography on your website, you're not showing your audience who you are. Instead you're simply giving them copy and fake pictures to go along with that copy. The images don't give an accurate portrayal of the people who work in your company, and this can hurt your audience's perception of your credibility.

You're showing that you like to cut corners.

The reason that most companies opt to use stock photography on their website is because it's much cheaper than hiring a professional photographer to take real pictures. When you use stock photography on your website, it shows your audience that you're not afraid to cut corners in order to complete a task, and they may assume that this business practice is also incorporated into the products and services your company provides. They may end up thinking that your services or products will be of cheap quality, and this will certainly hurt your credibility and possibly even your sales.

You're showing you care more about image than truth.

Did you pick that photo of the young receptionist on the phone because she's attractive? Yes. And she may be more attractive than the real receptionist you have at your office. When you do this, you're showing your audience that you care more about your image than you do about being honest. Instead of giving your audience a taste of the real people they'll work with, you're trying to entice them through making them attracted to the person in the stock photos. Showing that you care so much about image makes your company look superficial, and this is detrimental to your credibility.

You're not adding value to your website.

The images you put on your website are supposed to add value to the content you place on your website, and if you're using the same old stock images as other websites, you're not allowing your images to add value. Your audience is going to look right past those images and head straight for the content. They're not going to read any content added to those images or any captions associated with those images.

If you use real photos on your website, you're going to increase your credibility and add value to your site. You can either hire a professional photographer to take your photos or read up on Tips for taking great photographs and opt to do it yourself. No matter what you choose, do your website a favor and stay away from stock images.

About The Author

David Landers is a freelance writer and photographer for rev.com. David often shares tips on getting the most out of image use while blogging.

Image Source: Smart Photo Stock - Diaphragm