Microsoft is set to make a series of changes to its revolutionary Windows 8 operating system and a public preview of Windows Blue will be available for all Windows 8 users at the end of June.

Tami Reller, Microsoft's Head of Windows, said the update would be ‘an opportunity for us to respond to the customer feedback.’

Steve Ballmer at Windows 8 Launch

It is speculated that one of the changes being added to the update, codenamed 'Windows Blue', is the return of the start button; a feature greatly missed by customers who have used previous versions of the operating system. The possibility of the buttons return will comfort those who have been struggling to adjust to the functionality of the tiled interface. 

The interface of Windows 8 was intended to be a universal system for smartphones, computers and tablets. The functionality of the operating system has proved beneficial for touch screen devices, though adapting the concept to a computer has proved itself to be a much more diffucult task.

So stay tuned, as according to Julie Larson-Green, the head of Windows engineering, a Windows Blue preview will be made available to Windows 8 users at the end of June.

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