Yahoo unveiled a new interface design for its search page on Wednesday. The first major update since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO.

Yahoo, Web Design Cheshire - ALJT Media

The redesign, which Yahoo describes as more "modern", introduces a slimmed and sleeker version with a new navigation bar at the top that is similar to the well-known navigation used by Google. Below is an image of the new the search page after the redesign. Yahoo posted a GIF to Tumblr showing the transition before and after the redesign -  the social network it recently acquired for more than $1 billion.

Yahoo, Redesign Search Results - Web Design Cheshire

Yahoo has also redesigned its web apps to look like regular apps and also done a lot of "under-the-bonnet" work to speed up page load times and overall performance. However, most of the changes are that to the interface with the back-end being powered by Microsoft. Yahoo plans to roll out further revamping going forward, so there may be a more dramatic shake-up yet to come to improve the search experience.

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