Search Engine Optimisation.

digital analytics and marketing

So, you've got a great beautiful looking website? But what good is that if you can't get traffic and generate revenue from it?

We consider SEO as the most important factor when we're designing and developing every website. We comprehensively ensure all our websites are search engine friendly, with optimised URLs, keywords, description and titles. We'll focus on driving high quality traffic to your website.

Organic Search Keywords

We'll help you to identify the keywords that your customers are searching for, and focus high-quality unique content to ensure that your website starts appearing high in the rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and all other search engines.

We understand the importance of content, and because of this all of our websites are designed completely content-managed, responsive and flexibile around your needs. We give you the complete freedom and control to manage your content, create news or blog articles and share your product reviews and information across social media websites.

Online Digital Marketing

A large part of our search engine optimisation is evaluating and analysing how your online digital marketing is performing. We'll monitor and track you analytics, statistics and clicks to ensure your website is more prominent across your desired keywords.

Beautifully Focused Landing Pages

Landing pages are a fantastic way to draw your visitors attention to the key offers and content you want them to know about. Creating landing pages specific to your SEO, email marketing and PPC campaigns can help increase your conversion rate on your website turning visitors into customers.

We'll work with you to design and produce content pages that are content rich, simple but effective for your business aims.


Microdata is a fantastic new feature of HTML5 that allows search engines know more about your website, products and business. It's ideal if you're interested in or already have an e-commerce website; it'll allow search engines such as Google to know more about your products, the prices and offers available, and any reviews on the products your e-commerce website sells. It makes it easier for a wider audience to find you by searching for your desired organic keywords - bingo!

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