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Having troubles using Stalkr? Browse our supoprt questions below and if you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch with us.

My first scan gave me my entire follower list. Why?

This is the expected behaviour. We'll display all your followers as 'new' on the first run. Though you'll notice we don't actually create a history of this one. This is us resetting your data from the older system and everything will go to normal afterwards.

My followers exceed the free tier, what can I do?

As of now, the packages don't reflect the follower count restrictions. This limit will be applied at the start of July 2015. When that happens, if you're dissatisfied and for any reason don't want to subscribe or cannot afford to do so, we are more than happy to come to an arrangement. If your account is over the limit, you'll be automatically prompted and ask to update your account in order to continue to use the Stalkr application.

What are the paid plans?

We've introduced 3 new paid plans that give you extended functionality and reduce the tme you'll need to wait between follower checks. Packages are based on a consumption basis with the most expensive being for heavy Tumblr blogs, or accounts with many blogs associated to them.

The new paid packages have been added so that we could ensure there was always a free version of Stalkr. Without them, we would have many thousands of complaints from people unable to check their account. By adding the paid plans to Stalkr, we hope to improve the overall service for the many that use Stalkr and continue the development of new requested features.

Do I have to pay to use Stalkr?

No. We've maintaned a 'Forever Free' package which is ideal for 90% of Stalkr users. The free package has similar restrictions to the previous version however introduces limits to 1 blog that you can check and upto 1000 followers / following. If you're just slightly over then you can contact us through the support page at any point and we'll be able to speak with you individually to come to some arrangement.

How do I make a payment?

All payments are handled through Stripe so you can cancel your subscription at any time. Once you've made a payment your account will be updated without a 15 minute window, however the change is normally instantaneous.

How frequently am I billed?

Packages are either billed monthly or annually, depending on the way you opt to pay. If you choose monthly, all subscription dates are processed through PayPal, typically in 30 day billing cycles (or 365 for annual).

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. You can manage the subscription through Stripe. Once cancelled, your account will be instantly downgraded and you'll only be able to manage your followers on a single blog under the free tier. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours between Monday to Friday to process your cancellation.

Can I reinstate my subscription?

Yes. Similar to cancelling, as soon as you re-activate the subscription there will be a processing window but once verified your account will reflect the changes and you'll be able to activate other blogs under the 'Manage Account' option.

Why do you need my email address?

We use your email address to track your Tumblr blogs more accurately so that we can prevent collisions occuring when you change or inherit somebody elses Tumblr URL that has previous used Stalkr. Not only that, but from July we'll be introducing background checking for our Pro users that allows you to automatically be alerted as and when your followers change.

I changed my Tumblr URL, what do I do?

If you changed your URL, Stalkr should automatically detect this. However if it does not, do not run any more follower scans until you have notified us and we have gotten back in touch with you.

I created a new blog and it's not included in my Pro plan?

If you've added a new blog to your Tumblr account after the point you upgraded your Stalkr account and you still have an available blog slot, you can go to 'Manage Account' from the sidebar and check the box to include that blog. If the blog doesn't show as 'Pro' then get in touch with us quoting your new blog URL and your primary blog URL.

My scan has stopped, what do I do?

If at any point you think your scan has stopped (excluding when the countdown appears) then wait an additional minute and if nothing happens, refresh your page. We don't save the scan until the very end so chances are you can click again and resume where you left off.

Why do I keep getting limit exceeded?

The limit isn't us, it's Tumblr. We're restricted on how many times we can grab certain amounts of information from your Tumblr account. We're only able to make 60 requests for your followers data every minute. Given that it takes about 5 seconds to send all 60 requests, you'll often find yourself waiting for the remainder of the time until your account limit refreshes. So if you have 1200 followers, then we can get all your followers in one clean run. If you've got more than that, you'll need to count a minute for every additional 1200 blogs. If you have 2500 blogs, it'll take us two minutes.

I have a problem, what should I do?

If you've got any problem, noticed something strange or just want to get in touch - please tell us your primary blog URL and your email address you use to access Stalkr. We'll need these before we can address any issues you may be having.

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Last Updated: 11th February 2016