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Welcome to Made by Magnitude's privacy notice. This notice covers Made by Magnitude itself & projects built, run & maintained by us (Snug, Stalkr, Fetch & Wishlist.)  Made by Magnitude respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data. Outlined below is how we look after your personal data when you visit our website, use our services or contact us (regardless of where you're visiting from.)

FROM MAY 2018.

New standards have been set for data privacy from May 2018 due to GDPR. We're required to update our privacy policy to ensure we adhere to these new standards, and to help you understand your rights when interacting with us as a business.

It is important that you read this privacy notice together with any other privacy notice or fair processing notice we may provide on specific data processing occasions, so that you are fully aware of how and why we are using your data. If you’ve got any questions or anything isn’t clear, contact us at [email protected] or 01244 341 344.

This website is not intended for children and we do not knowingly collect data relating to children.


There are certain types of data we require to store and use here at Made by Magnitude in order to carry out our normal business tasks. We store and use both data that qualifies as personal and data that is only associated with a business. This data comes from the following services:

  • Made by Magnitude

  • Fetch

  • Stalkr

  • Snug

  • Wishlist

The data we collect & store includes First Name, Last Name, Username / Similar Identifier, Title, Email Address, Billing Address, Delivery Address, Telephone Numbers, Bank Account / Payment Card, Invoice Address, Social Accounts, Follower Count, Following Count, Time Last Accessed, Stripe Email, Unique Token (Tumblr Identifier), Instagram Name, Follower Count, Following Count, Device Version, Type, Model & Name.

How is this data collected?

We collect data various ways: direct interactions with us or our website, visiting the website, contacting us through contact forms, reaching out to us manually via email, calling via the telephone, subscribing to our service or publications, entering into a contract of work, giving us feedback, requesting marketing information to be sent to you.

Most of Stalkr's data is supplied by Tumblr through their API. You must log-in to and authenticate Tumblr to access the Stalkr service. Billing information is linked to Stripe & we never see or store any of your billing information.

Some of Snug's data is sent directly to us through Instagram's API, Apple also share device data with us if you've opted-in to send information to developers inside iOS. No data for Snug is captured manually by us, you must authenticate the action with Instagram and Apple to be able to our services.

How do we use this personal information?

The data we collect is used for a number of reasons, including: entering into contracts of work, managing payments, fees & charges, notifications of important updates, delivery of consented marketing information, legitimate interests, compliance with legal obligations, performance and execution of a contract of work, to deliver products, goods & services and relevant and important contact.

We use some of your unconventional data (follower counts) for example, to operate our services.

How do we store data?

All of the data collected from our services is stored securely in the cloud, on a server rented through Dacentec. We may have email trails and traces of user data, stored on the cloud service Google Drive. Our emails are handed by Google Mail and stored securely on their servers.

Some client data (contracts of work) is stored physically inside a locked cupboard, inside our locked & alarmed building. This data may also include email trails and names associated with clients. No payment information is stored physically, and physical information will be destroyed upon request.

The usual risks associated with electronic storage of information apply to the data we collect, but we take precautions to ensure your data is not breached, including multi-layered password protection, 2-factor authentication and limited keyholders for physical security.

We do not offer any hosting packages and therefore do not have any access to client data or client servers.

Accessing data

As according to GDPR and your data rights, you can access your data that we hold at any time. You can email or call us to inform us of your request using the details at the top of this privacy policy. Of course, you will not have to pay a fee to access your personal data (or to exercise any of the other rights), though we may refuse unfounded, repetitive or excessive requests.

Deleting or changing data

If you request, we are happy to entirely dispose of any data we hold about you. The same request should be sent as per above, via email or telephone. We will dispose of all data as soon as possible, but within 1 month. We are happy to change any data we have access on file upon request, though some data must be changed at its source origin (i.e. social networks) for us to receive the updates.

Obtaining data

Data portability is another right of yours within GDPR rules. We are happy to provide data via request for any purpose, in a physical or digital format. The contact methods are the same as outlined above.

Collecting new data

We do not partake in outbound marketing, but if details are entered into our website contact form, we will specifically state that we are collecting your data and guide the you to this updated privacy policy. We will never ask you for more personal data than is necessary to carry our our legitimate business-related interest functions. We will never pass your data onto third parties or use for external marketing purposes. If we collect any new data that identifies you, we will ask for explicit, unambiguous consent to do so. If you feel at any point you're unsure what you're providing information for, you can always contact us for clarification.

Accessing client data

From time to time, we may run into your client data (Made by Magnitude) when logging into your CMS, back-end, receiving content to upload to your website or software and migration of databases. We give our full assurance that we will never use that data for our own purposes, pass it onto any third parties or access it without need. We will only access the data after receiving explicit permission to do so. We understand that more sensitive information may be stored by your company than ours.

Data retention

Your data will only be stored by us as long as is necessary to fulfil the purpose we collected it for, including the purposes of satisfying our company obligations such as legal, account or reporting requirements.

In case of a data breach

In the unlikely event that we suffer a security breach involving personal data, we will inform you within the GDPR guideline of 24 hours, but of course, we would aim for this to be far sooner.

External software / third party providers

Below are the privacy policies of the third party providers that we use in our services.

Google Mail
Google Drive


The website may include hyperlinks to other websites. Your use of such hyperlinks is subject to this policy statement. If you use the hyperlinks, then you may be leaving our website. Your access and use of other websites will not be governed by this policy statement and it is your responsibility to check the other websites and the privacy policies that may govern those sites to ascertain how your information and data will be treated if you access and use them.

If you have any questions concerning this privacy policy please contact us at Made by Magnitude Ltd, Unit 3a, Lightfoot Street, Hoole, Chester, CH2 3AD United Kingdom.

Please call us at 01244 341 344 if you have any questions or concerns.


Made by Magnitude Ltd employs information gathering technologies for the purposes of collecting information and statistics about the users and usage of this site. Such information will not be used to identify any individual. The purpose of gathering such information is to assist us to analyse the use of the website and revise it for the benefit of our customers.

We also employ cookies on this site. We use cookies to make your use of the website more efficient, for example by saving you the trouble of re-entering information. Although the cookie may provide an automated identification of your computer, no personal data is stored in the cookie.

  • We automatically collect and store only the following information about your visit:

  • The internet domain and IP address from where you access our website;

  • The type of browser software and operating system used to access our website;

  • The date and time you access our website;

  • The pages you enter, visit and exit our website from; and

  • If you linked to our Website from another website, the address of that website.

You may adjust your device's settings so as to block cookies, to accept or reject cookies from specific websites, or to accept them only on confirmation from you. Because of the wide variety of software and devices used by our customers we cannot provide detailed instructions for this; however your software should contain details in its help facilities. You should be aware that if you choose to block cookies, the site may not work as efficiently as intended. For a more comprehensive guide, visit