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Mobile Is Everywhere

There's a chance you're reading this on your mobile or tablet right now. If not, go desktop users! There's no shying away from the fact nearly everyone has a mobile in their hand these days.

If you aren't capitalising on this audience, you're missing out big time. Browsing the web on mobile devices is due to take over desktop at any point. You don't want your website to be left out, do you?

At Magnitude, we make all our sites are responsive by default. Having a beautiful desktop website is great but it needs to work on mobile too. Your visitors will thank you for it.

Let's Build an App

We do apps too! Sometimes you just need that extra something to put your product in front of a larger audience. Luckily, we have an super-skilled developer that also builds apps (for fun!).

We won't try to shoe-horn you into developing an app if it's not right for you. We look at the best solution for your brief and if a responsive site is more fitting, we'll build that.

Since the app building process can be very complicated, communication is our greatest tool. Keeping you in the loop ensures the project stays on track and you're delivered with a product you can be proud to put your name to.

Mobile and Responsive Design

Case Study

Online STV allows online ranked-choice voting at your fingertips. Opening up the ability to create and manage elections and candidates for just about any topic, it's free, easy and simple to get outstanding results. Originally a university project, Online STV has taken on a life of its own as a fantastic product for elections.

We built this app to allow access from a number of devices. It includes all of the functionality of voting, notifications to provide updates, security and analytics.

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Heard Enough?

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