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Make the Search Engines Love You

SEO and analytics can be a minefield if you're not entirely sure what's going on. Luckily, we wear our Google & Bing exams as a badge of honour - we like Yahoo! too, but they’re yet to send us our gold star.

We often say that you can have a great website, but if it's not hitting the right spots with the search engines then nobody is going to find it. We have the skills to increase your website's SEO, provide comprehensive analytical reports for you and provide you with a set of key improvements that we can use to boost your presence online.

When you’re winning at SEO - customers are finding just what they want on your website, but if you’re struggling to convert them - our analytics packages are just the ticket.

Boosting your Conversion Rate

We support our clients both on-site and off-site, we can help you improve and optimise your content on-site to make sure that Google are ranking you as highly as you deserve. Helping you with off-site content will also increase your authority, things like social media, online PR, offline advertising - all of which have an impact on how your customers find your website.

When it comes to getting your customers to convert, we map their current journey, looking at where they currently fall off the cliff. We then make subtle tweaks to your site, so different users will get slightly different experiences and test them to see which are the most successful methods for conversion. Once we have the two best methods we pit them head to head, in a battle, and see what comes out on top. 

The result of doing all of this? Your customers get a subtly different experience but you get power - in the form of higher conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimisation

Case Study

Dyson Energy Services are an energy specialist company based right across the UK.

We provide Dyson with a comprehensive digital support package that puts Dyson in-front of their potential customers and ahead of their competition. Through carefully monitoring and reporting on the website traffic, bounce and conversion rates, we're able to remarket Dyson's core business targets and achieve a maximum ROI from pay-per-click and email campaigns.

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