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What We Do

With so many choices across your social media platforms - managing them and making them work hard for you can be a scary thought. Our team at Magnitude are happy to do the ghost busting for you and help you get a handle on the platforms you feel are most important - see that’s what we do, we start with your key priorities, whilst making sure everything else is taken care of so you don’t have to worry. 

We all know content is king. Whilst your content is working hard to increase your rankings and authority to your website, we can be in the background shouting and waving getting your customers to ‘look over here’ with our outrageously good sponsored ads. 'Win win,' I hear you say.

How We Do It

So we start at the start, where else would you start? We’ll look at your current social media set up and identify (with you of course) your priorities and any gaps that might be lurking in the shadows. We’ll then develop and implement your personalised strategy to make sure you reach your goals, we can manage this for you, or you could chose one of our bespoke social media training programmes so you can become a ‘guru’ yourself. 

Your social media accounts are just as important as your website and so much more demanding. Regular updates help keep you in customers minds, but paid social media ads can help you get your best content in front of your customers at the best time. Our insight and knowledge can help you reach your goals quicker and feed into your overall business strategy. 

Social Media Management

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