Drag Near You.

Drag Near You.

About the Project

Drag Near You was created after the success of cult US reality TV show "RuPaul's Drag Race". As the show grew more and more popular, it became increasingly difficult to actually find performances from the cast of the show.

Since the performers tour across America and now the world, we created the website to allow fans and visitors to search by their location, set up alerts and view individual performer profiles.

We utilised a fantastic radius search and filter feature that allows users to drill down into events, locations and performers. Not only is the site totally manageable from a CMS, we run a blog and quiz section to engage visitors and enhance the SEO work we already do. 

As a service for the fans, this site is an ongoing development with new features in the pipeline, as well as an app. We are planning to expand the website into a user-platform, allowing visitors and performers to sign up and manage their own schedules.

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Services Used

Drag Near You allowed us to call on a number of skills while setting up the project. We designed the logo, website, created and manage the social media profiles as well as blogging to improve SEO and original content.

  • 1000+

    events added and promoted on the website so far

  • 7

    gripping seasons of "RuPaul's Drag Race" aired on TV

  • 90+

    of the biggest drag queens in the world with their own profiles

  • 30%

    average bounce rate on the home page this year

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