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Recify is a cloud-based recreational business suite founded by UTD International.

The software allows customers to create their own business accounts, create and maintain their own enterprise education system, post classes and events, host their eCommerce product catalogue with a nifty point of sale and take advantage of instant payment splits on any transactions.

The software hosts a full event management solution allowing organisers to list their event, handle variation-specific ticket pricing, accept donations and allow team-participants.

The project is one of the largest codebases we actively maintain with well over 250,000 lines of code. Taking over the project in 2014, we've completely modernised the entire architecture and have re-integrated all of the code to modern practices, responsive frameworks and PHP 5.6 PSR-2 compliant. The project was initially developed on top of the CodeIgniter framework, though we've gradually refactored and improved the codebase to match Recify's needs, scalability and growth.

Being such a large codebase, performance has always been at the forefront of any decisions we've made. The software runs behind a Nginx server and sits on top of a Varnish frontend cache with every part of the code being fine-tuned to boost data delivery from Memcached and ensure 100% uptime and an always online availability.

As part of this project, we manage all the servers that Recify is hosted on and have implemented a load-balancing system to ensure the future scalability and growth of the platform.

As Recify continues to grow, we look forward to starting development on an iOS / Android mobile application to help serve consumers the latest recreational offers closest to them!

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Services Used

Recify is a full-scale Web Development project and takes full advantage of a wrath of additional services we provide including ongoing IT support and growth, server management, load-balanced distributed hosting, code optimisation and refactoring and PayPal partner integrations.

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